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Invadable Harmony is an artist with a focus on creating music with an innovative spirit. Her most recent release, “Memory”, is a stunning example of her sonic vision and aesthetics. Her music expresses the beauty of sadness, the sound of melancholy as a creative force. Most of her pieces take the form of wistful and relaxing mood music.


Invadable Harmony's compositions represents a perfect blend of musical light and shade, the mix of contemporary, new age and classical, the past and the present, the complex and the contemplative. It is music forged at the meeting points of many often mutually exclusive styles but rather than clash they compliment. 

Her works are a forward-thinking exploration, of various genres, especially orchestral music.  The sound of her music is endowed with stunning melodies and great production aesthetics, highlighting the artist’s broad scope and creative potential. It is Art that uses space and anticipation to build its drama and atmosphere as readily as it uses instruments and structure that is appealing.


Ultimately, it is definitely recommended listening to Invadable Harmony, particularly if you are a fan of artists the likes of Hans Zimmer, Adrian Von Ziegler , BrunuhVille, and Peter Gundry, which definitely share a common ground with Invadable Harmony and have inspired her music tremendously.

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